An intelligent and interesting open-source private messenger that utilizes Tor toprovide you a safe communication, security and privacy to your chats.

Speek is an internet messaging service that leverages multiple technologies to help keep your internet chats private, secure and safe.

It is end-to-end encrypted, decentralized, and completely open-source software.

There is no doubt, it aims to introduce itself as one of the Whatsapp alternatives and also a competitor to Linux, Mac, Windows as well as Android apps that are verymuch familier to us, usefull to daily life.

Many of features are described in earlier stage of this blog, Now time to have a closer look to the app.

‘Speek!’ A Peer-to-Peer Instant Messaging App for Linux, Windows, Mac and Android

Speek! (with an exclamation mark as part of its name) is an encrypted chat messenger that aims to fight against censorship while keeping your data safe and private.

To keep things simple, we ignore the exclamation mark for the rest of the article.

You can also find more alternatives but it has some unique features in it.

It is a fairly new competitor compared to other messengers available on many platforms. However, it should be an trial app to try as an open-source solution, and if it;s fine then you can hang on….

While it claims to keep you anonymous, you should always be cautious of your activities on your devices to ensure complete anonymity, if that’s what you require. It’s not just the messenger that you need to think of.

It utilizes a decentralized Tor network to keep things secure and private. And, this enables it to make the service useful without needing your phone number. You just require your Speek ID to connect with people, and it is tough for someone to know your ID.

Features of Speek

Some key highlights include:

  • End-to-end encryption: No one can view your messages, except for the recipient.
  • Routing traffic over TOR: Using TOR for routing messages, enhances privacy and security.
  • No centralized server: Increases resistance against censorship because it’s tough to shut down the service. Moreover, no single attack point for hackers.
  • No sign-ups: You do not need to share any personal information to start using the service. You just need a public key to identify/add users.
  • Self-destructing chat: When you close the app, the messages are automatically deleted. For an extra layer of privacy and security.
  • No metadata: It eliminates any metadata when you exchange messages.
  • Private file sharing: You can also use the service to share files securely.

Download Speek For Linux and Other Platforms

You can download Speek from their official website.

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